Pasifika Queen Mab and symmetry

The first stanza of Pasifika Queen Mab is phrased to reflect the last stanza, or perhaps the other way round, as does the “densely sweetened perfume” and “heavy musk”. The symmetry this imposes on the poem is an important concept in many of my poems. In Pasifika Queen Mab there are also internal symmetries, such as “her irksome work” in the second stanza and the “rest” in the penultimate stanza or the traveller and the wanderer in the 5th and 7th stanza, which top and tail the incantation section of the poem. Because of the 4 stanza, 3 stanza, 2 stanza structure of the poem, maintaining these internal symmetries proved to be difficult, and led to displacements in the symmetry.

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