Advice to a Squonk (Lachrimacorpus Dissolvens)

Advice to a Squonk (Lachrimacorpus Dissolvens)

After “Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods with a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts” – William T. Cox

The trouble is,
you cannot become beautiful
just by wishing it.

Perhaps you should stop hiding
in the gloom of silence
mistaking it for peace.

Sure, you may be frightened of the dark,
afraid of the predictable,
but you can’t just sit under the hemlock

drinking vinegar
and gathering your own tears
in a teacup,

singing brittle songs that tell you
little about the substance of your love
in a voice of a celesta beyond repair,

played to the sound
of automata, hurdy gurdy
or muted music boxes.

It is not just the harlot’s desire
to search for something new,
something up-tempo,

its the remedy for dying,
the transfusion of blood
from young stallions.

© Martin Porter 2011

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