Dining in the Cosmic Café exhibited at Reactor

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Dining in the Cosmic Café is included in the “Reactor” exhibition at NorthTec’s Geoff Wilson gallery. It is based on Lindsay Marks’ exhibit “Table for Two, Dinner for One”, a table top (left side of image above) and provided the basis for Terese Storey’s mixed media “Cosmic Musa” (right side of image above).

Dining in the Cosmic Café

Not even nothing. Blink,
a nod and a wink,

a flick of the digit, one or nought,
eat or not eat,

sparks flying from primordial coals,
space, time, spacetime strings

of spaghetti; pizza spun, stretched
into multidimensional membranes

suddenly inflating, sprinkled with yeast.
A mess of fragments composing

their own notes, a harmony of flavours,
a universe played to the hurdy-gurdy medley

of grinding, mixing, blending, separating
complexity from the borders of confusion.

We search the menu with furious incomprehension
or a fear of the predictable,

staring from shadows in a candlelit dining room,
or upward, with a predilection for dark ceilings,

not seeking sunshine or night, some strange perturbation,
just a garden of Moon Daisies, nasturtium for the salad,

deep wells and vines for wine, light white or red,
shifting, stained with dark matter.

Out of this chaos, we order,
drink in the heavens, dine off the galaxy

and under the ochre pantiles and shingles,
spit stars across the sky.

© Martin Porter 2013

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