Lunch at Gopals – Field work

Lunch at Gopals

is very plain,
nothing special,
so very special,

just good food, not over sweet,
not over salted, not over spiced

and good portions. You won’t starve here.

It’s no great beauty, but the view is fine
for people watching, or car spotting,

nothing special.
It’s very special.

© Martin Porter 2014

Lunch at Gopals is what it says it is, just a description of lunch in an ordinary café. I’ve tried to use the word “special” repeatedly for effect, also echoed it with sibilance throughout the poem, but I found this made the poem lack development, so the fourth stanza moves away from this.

Lunch at Gopals is an example of a poem written in the field with little time for editing. Working in the field rarely produces finished pieces, but can provide source material for later, more carefully written, poems – rather like an artist’s field sketches.

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