Sunday after the Slaughter

Sunday after the Slaughter

two days of rain
and slaughter fresh meat for the whole family
salt bacon sausage offal head for the brawn
blood pudding in the larder nothing goes to waste

gathering his coat
wandering down to sown wheat fields sprouting green
bringing up a bisected sun on intersecting
slipstreams in the sky congealing in the rosy light

down by the chooks
scratching out a living the boy hunts eggs
among the stainless steel a master cowhand
enters yields from every lady in a ledger

scuffing his boot
against the hoggin on the track breaks to the hardcore
just another mundane act in the process of extraordinary
and with a well paced kick he knocks away a stone

© Martin Porter 2012

“Sunday after the Slaughter” attempts to make strings of words complete two (or more) functions simultaneously as well as offering ambiguity and double meaning in the syntax. The poem is sufficiently open to allow multiple interpretations and is deliberately designed to be open to mystical interpretations, whether they be of a simple “sanctity of everyday work” kind, or of giving rightful glory to our food sources, or a more complex “religious” understanding. In this sense, the poem is made complete by the reader’s interpretations.

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