When love hits town

When love hits town

When love puts on mascara and hits the town
She makes eyes at the boys, then chortles in their face
And breaks their hearts, then parts to seek another who just might.

When love puts on her lipstick and hits the town
She leaves those tempting scarlet sips on cocktail glasses
And stains with crimson any cheek she cares.

When love pulls on her posh frock and hits the town
We hear the laughter skip through dim streets, full of life and grace,
Rolling into dance halls in delight.

And when love puts on her high-heeled shoes and hits the town
The foot-sore work-worn cannot miss that music as she makes her passes,
Or fail to jive, flung to new heights, legs flailing in the air.

The brilliant moon smiles white through the diamante sky-black frown,
And the stars spin ‘round the dance-floor. Love puts on her fancy lace
And hits the town, cuddling in dark shadows, smooching through the night.

© Martin Porter 1999

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