Fast Fibres 2 Northland Poetry – Call for Submissions

After the success of the first edition of Fast Fibres Poetry, the Fast Fibres Collective, are producing a second edition broadsheet and chapbook of poetry to display the talents of Northland poets under the title Fast Fibres 2.

We invite poets with a strong connection to Northland, born here, live here, lived here, to contribute a total of two or three poems for the broadsheet and the chapbook.

The deadline for receipt of poems is Thursday 25 June 2015. We will accept printed poems but prefer poems sent as attachments in rtf or doc format.

Submissions should be sent to fastfibres(at)live(dot)com
posted to Fast Fibres, 248 Jobe Road, RD8, Whangarei 0178

In order to display the work of individuals to maximum effect, we will accept poems which have been previously published, as well as new work. Acknowledgments will be published at the foot of the poem. If you are submitting previously published work, it is your responsibility to ensure you are not breaching any agreements made with the publisher, and to include full details of the place of publication eg:, journal title and edition, book title and publisher details.

We will provide copies of the broadsheet free of charge, but will set a nominal price for the chapbook to help us recover some costs. We are also hoping for sponsorship support.

Fast Fibres will be edited by Piet Nieuwland and Martin Porter. Piet’s poems have been published in NZ and Australia including Mattoid, Snafu, Printout, Takahe, Trout, Spin, Tounge in Your Ear, Live Lines and most recently in Poetry NZ and Landfall. Martin’s details are listed in this blog.

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