Trees Dropping – A Meta-reading

Although this poem is explicitly about the process of leaf fall from trees, and the recycling of those leaves to feed the cycle, it also implicitly deals with the process of writing and editing of my own poems, in that the process of dropping dead material from an earlier version can feed back into improvements or new material, and that the non-linear process that I use when I edit links initially unconnected parts of my thought processes, rather like the concertina folding of a map (a metaphor of which I have a particular liking)and the movement from first blossoming (embryonic) and the editing to destruction (bare branches) produces fruit, and loss of fruit (murdering one’s darlings), or “finished” work and abandoned ideas (although even windfalls can be used in other products).

So the poem has a sub-stratum which is not likely to be immediately recognised, if at all. But that is not the point of the poem; the point is that trees go through a cyclic process of growth, blossoming, fruiting, fruit-fall, leaf-drop returning to growth. The meta-reading is there as a possible interpretation, not a necessary one. There are other readings possible of this poem that I have deliberately included (the use of parentheses and the role of punctuation can be interrogated to find some of these), and, most likely, some readings which I have not intended, which may be “valid” or not.

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