In Search of Cod

In Search of Cod

… following the stars.
they travel across the ocean
in pursuit of life below …

In turbulence they struggle
to stay afloat. Stars wheel overhead
behind the clouds.

Moon-driven tides
and wind-moulded swell
steer the vessels onward.

Carried by the gyres
And spun by Coriolis forces
they seek the cod.

They will return.
Children dream of weathered waves
Innocent of the worst.

And so, heavy laden, they drive
the oceans homeward
perhaps intact.

© Martin Porter 2003

This piece was written for a museum, but never used. It has been slightly amended since its abandonment, replacing “Will they return?” (line 13) for the stronger “They will return”, making the final line work harder, but strengthening the structure with firm, defined lines and not with the weaker rhetorical questioning.

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1 Response to In Search of Cod

  1. Ken Hay says:

    There would be ideas in here for a poet to explore

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