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Science and Poetry

Being a scientist, writing poetry inevitably intersects with scientific knowledge and language. This can make it more difficult to understand in an everyday context. The notion of difficult poetry as “thought provoking poems that would make the readers think and … Continue reading

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For… – Not Haiku!

For Yuri Yuri, Filling new space moves In circles, then falls back to Earth. For Neil Fly a figure of eight To the Moon For the dust of your age. For my son There are no secrets. We offered you … Continue reading

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Sick Child (Flying)

in the distance our knowledge starts to fade is this the tops of some turbulent nimbus or the flat eroded crater of a diseased volcano hurling upwards over the sea peaks of waves dip and echo the crests and troughs … Continue reading

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Cool (Sharks)

(Baros, Maldives, 10th April 1998) Black tips break the surface. Two torpedo twinsGlide, side by side,Looking cool. They cruise, irrespective,Ignoring the black-eye mackerel,All of a crowd,Ignoring the sting-ray,Too big, too intentioned,Looking cool. If they were in America1965They would be cruisingIn … Continue reading

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Disregarding 12 O 2

30 seconds. Twelve o two is crying for attention.Overloaded, the god in the machineIs in a state of panicAnd demands that you stop. But down below, the surfaceWhere you are goingLooks so interesting, so dangerous,Grey, pored with sharp edged holes, … Continue reading

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